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          Pedal to the Metal  Speed Show ( SADDLE SERIES)

                           10 month Series/ 5 speed events

                                 SEPT 2021-JUNE 2022

                                          Hosted by:

                       Recharge Equine Therapies, LLC

                             Jackpot Barrels 70/30 Payout

                                    Before Games begin

        We are a family oriented group that come together to have  a fun filled, drama free day competing on our horses. Our show consists of 5 speed events: Barrels, Texas, Hair-pin, Poles, and Cones. Our Jackpot Consists of Barrels prior to the start of the games.  Payout is 70/30 and payout is based on the number of riders.

        There are 4 classes as well as a novice class.  This show is non-judgmental and has a division for everyone.  Each rider receives points through-out the series and we end  our season with a banquet.  Pedal to the Metal gives prizes to everyone that qualified through out the season.  Prizes will be given from saddles/buckles/tack products of quality depending on the number of riders in the class. Hope to see everyone soon!


Donna Munn






to the  Metal


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